Service as a core business

  • By Mohamed Abdallaoui

If we have noticed one thing since we started in 2009, is that the experience of service is increasingly important within organizations. More and more companies are realizing that a good service experience is a critical priority for their customers. This is because customers are also having increasing demands. They expect you to know immediately why they are in contact with you, that you have the solutions for their problems and help them in a "human" way.

How do you ensure that service is further optimized and meets the demands of the customer now and in the future? By getting to know your customer! Involve the customer in a proactive way in the process, by bundling all your interactions with your customer, personally or via social media, and thus understanding them. By wanting to start a conversation with your customer at any time.

Tracebuzz has been active in the field of new channels since 2009 and saw a shift from traditional customer contact channels such as telephony and e-mail to channels such as Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp during that period. Consumers are able to communicate quickly, briefly and concisely through these channels. Due to the user-friendliness and reach, the adoption of these "messaging channels" is very high. Consumers prefer to ask a question briefly and concisely via messaging, and expect to receive an answer quickly. Tracebuzz has a strong focus on conversation with the customer and is therefore the specialized customer contact solution for social media and messaging. Together with our customers we realize that they are increasingly meeting the expectations of their customers. As Elmer Hiemstra of - with which we have been working for years - described it: "By using Tracebuzz, we have achieved growth in customer satisfaction on our socials".

Successes and experiences that we would like to share

We have entered into many great partnerships in recent years and have achieved many successes. That will also be the case in the future. We would like to share those successes and experiences. That is why we are starting a blog at this location. In it we will talk about, among other things, why we think service experience is so important, what you can do to make it even better and how Tracebuzz can play an innovative role in this, for example with Parley.

You want to help your customer as well as possible and give them the best possible service feeling. We want companies to have the right tools to get that done.