The solution for your staff shortage

  • By Mohamed Abdallaoui

Not so long ago, it was thought that automation would take jobs away at customer contact centres. But the opposite is true. Never before have there been so many people at work and the demand for new people has been so high. Technical solutions can help relieve the pressure on your employees.

The increase in online sales has led to much more telephone and digital contact with organisations. That is why the demand for new staff has never been so high. In the first quarter of 2019, according to CBS, there were more than 8,000 vacancies in a sector that employs 154,000 people, almost 2% of the working population in The Netherlands. Not only is there more demand for new people, the nature of the work is also changing. Because the 'My Account' pages are better organised and customers are able to arrange much more themselves, more complex issues remain unresolved.

Customer service is increasingly focusing on self-service, regardless of the channel. And customer contact centres are increasingly transforming to a so-called 'omni-channel' way of working. Companies can be reached via more and more channels, such as contact via Messaging, chat, WhatsApp and social media. This requires not only people, but also technical solutions that make customer contact easier and take the pressure off employees. Ideally, you would then work with a single platform, in which all these possibilities are integrated. A messaging platform that makes it easy to apprehend or chat with customers, that is safe and efficient and that can bring companies in contact with customers even better. It is difficult to find new people. In addition, the work of your current employees change. Unfortunately, we can't take away that demand for new people. Smart solutions can help you support your employees, keep the workload under control and at the same time give your customers better and faster ways to get in touch.

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